Clovelly House

Clovelly House

Clovelly House is a three-bed residential home for ‘Looked After Children’ who attend Clovelly House School. The home is situated in the countryside about nine miles from Leicester. The children are mixed gender young people from ten to eighteen years old. The home is a large, homely, bungalow sited in the middle of well-stocked grounds in excess of half an acre. The home overlooks open fields and is surrounded on two sides by a small stream and a drainage ditch. The children in the home are educated at the on-site school, but are encouraged to move on to college and independence as soon as they are able. The ethos of the home, mirrored by the school, is, ‘Stay safe, respect, achieve.’ The home staff members welcome the opportunity to work with families and responsible adults for the benefit of the young people.   

Clovelly House school

Clovelly House School is an independent special school for mixed gender pupils from 10-18 based in a rural setting in the East Midlands. Clovelly House is a 52 week residential provision for pupils who attend the on-site school. The ethos is that of a countryside school and the pupils, who have social and emotional and other complex needs, have opportunities to learn the core subjects embedded in a wider curriculum.

Here pupils learn how to manage different ecosystems such as the stream, pond, woods and gardens, keep chickens and small animals, participate in a variety of vocational lessons and engage in outdoor pursuits.  Alongside this, in the eco-build school, pupils are able to access lessons to GCSE level through technology, individual packages and flexible learning programs.  

We offer a supportive environment and create opportunities for the young people to develop self-esteem and confidence through achieving measured steps of success. Thus, the young people are supported to thrive and grow to responsible adulthood.